Rector,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,4100-5-00-0,Fat,Elbow,/loran1968205.html,$39,Fabric,,Blac,Nylon,Pad,,Medium,,,Boy $39 Rector 4100-5-00-0 Fat Boy Elbow Pad, Nylon Fabric, Medium, Blac Tools Home Improvement Safety Security Rector,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,4100-5-00-0,Fat,Elbow,/loran1968205.html,$39,Fabric,,Blac,Nylon,Pad,,Medium,,,Boy Rector We OFFer at cheap prices 4100-5-00-0 Fat Boy Elbow Nylon Blac Medium Fabric Pad $39 Rector 4100-5-00-0 Fat Boy Elbow Pad, Nylon Fabric, Medium, Blac Tools Home Improvement Safety Security Rector We OFFer at cheap prices 4100-5-00-0 Fat Boy Elbow Nylon Blac Medium Fabric Pad

Rector We OFFer at cheap prices 4100-5-00-0 Fat Boy Elbow Nylon Blac Medium Max 42% OFF Fabric Pad

Rector 4100-5-00-0 Fat Boy Elbow Pad, Nylon Fabric, Medium, Blac


Rector 4100-5-00-0 Fat Boy Elbow Pad, Nylon Fabric, Medium, Blac

Product description

ALTA Rector Fat Boy elbow protection pad features a large high-density plastic cap spreads the impact of a fall and provides excellent slide characteristics on concrete 1000 denier Cordura nylon fabric for abrasion resistance. Closed cell memory foam padding provides firm, consistent support without bottoming out. Brushed tricot nylon lining wicks away moisture and keeps out dirt and debris 4-way stretch neoprene spandex sleeve will ensure pad stays in place. Heavy duty elastic straps provide a secure fit. Hook and loop fastening system. It is available in medium size.

Rector 4100-5-00-0 Fat Boy Elbow Pad, Nylon Fabric, Medium, Blac

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