$25,Set,,Pattern,/gorgedly75602.html,Purple,Home Kitchen , Bath,LORVIES,Showe,Fabric,Eyes,Bathroom,Polyester,blog.kosodate-cafe.com $25,Set,,Pattern,/gorgedly75602.html,Purple,Home Kitchen , Bath,LORVIES,Showe,Fabric,Eyes,Bathroom,Polyester,blog.kosodate-cafe.com LORVIES Purple Eyes Pattern Bathroom New arrival Fabric Set Showe Polyester $25 LORVIES Purple Eyes Pattern Bathroom Set, Polyester Fabric Showe Home Kitchen Bath $25 LORVIES Purple Eyes Pattern Bathroom Set, Polyester Fabric Showe Home Kitchen Bath LORVIES Purple Eyes Pattern Bathroom New arrival Fabric Set Showe Polyester

LORVIES Purple Topics on TV Eyes Pattern Bathroom New arrival Fabric Set Showe Polyester

LORVIES Purple Eyes Pattern Bathroom Set, Polyester Fabric Showe


LORVIES Purple Eyes Pattern Bathroom Set, Polyester Fabric Showe

Product description

This bathroom accessory sets offer a modern design and bold colors at an affordable cost.
It includes a bath mat rug (15.7 X 23.6 Inch) and one waterproof shower curtain(66 x 72 Inch) with 12 matching shower curtain rings.
They are perfect for your bathroom decoration and will make your bathroom more comfortable and cozy.
Shower Curtain
Made of 100% polyester microfiber allows for water resistant capability along with a soft hand feel. Printed by highest grade ink and state of the art equipment, this bathroom accessory set ensures vibrant colors, longevity and durability all the while adding a pop of excitement to your bathroom. Best of all, the Shower Curtain features reinforced buttonhole openings that accommodate 12 hooks and is ready to hang as is.
Bath Mat Rug
Made of high density memory foam and elastic cotton, a durable, dense fiber that scrapes shoes clean, this mat is vinyl backed for increased durability and to help prevent movement. Weather tolerant and colorfast, coir doormats absorb moisture, retain their shape. Vacuum, sweep or lightly hose clean.
Bring fun and fresh back into your bathroom with LORVIES shower curtain set!
Package Include: 1 X waterproof shower curtain(66 X 72 Inch)
1 X bath mat rug (15.7 X 23.6 Inch)

LORVIES Purple Eyes Pattern Bathroom Set, Polyester Fabric Showe

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