Scuba,$52,,Diving,/flourishing1968673.html,Freedom,Ceos,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Mask,TUSA,M-212 Scuba,$52,,Diving,/flourishing1968673.html,Freedom,Ceos,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Mask,TUSA,M-212 $52 TUSA M-212 Freedom Ceos Scuba Diving Mask Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation TUSA M-212 Max 84% OFF Freedom Ceos Scuba Mask Diving TUSA M-212 Max 84% OFF Freedom Ceos Scuba Mask Diving $52 TUSA M-212 Freedom Ceos Scuba Diving Mask Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

TUSA M-212 Max 84% OFF Freedom Ceos Award Scuba Mask Diving

TUSA M-212 Freedom Ceos Scuba Diving Mask


TUSA M-212 Freedom Ceos Scuba Diving Mask

Product description

The M-212 Ceos is a low-profile low volume two window mask that features the newly developed and revolutionary Freedom Technology delivering superior fit, comfort and performance. The Ceos is one of the first next generation TUSA masks offering this innovative new technology combined with superior design, build quality, materials and frame construction.

From the manufacturer

TUSA M-212 Freedom Ceos Scuba Diving Mask

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