VIVILINEN Pink Baby Crib Bedding Set Pieces for 3 shop Girls Flowers $28 VIVILINEN Pink Baby Crib Bedding Set for Girls 3 Pieces Flowers Baby Products Nursery 3,Flowers,/bitolyl1778133.html,,VIVILINEN,Pieces,$28,Baby,Baby Products , Nursery,Bedding,Crib,Girls,Pink,for,Set $28 VIVILINEN Pink Baby Crib Bedding Set for Girls 3 Pieces Flowers Baby Products Nursery 3,Flowers,/bitolyl1778133.html,,VIVILINEN,Pieces,$28,Baby,Baby Products , Nursery,Bedding,Crib,Girls,Pink,for,Set VIVILINEN Pink Baby Crib Bedding Set Pieces for 3 shop Girls Flowers

VIVILINEN Pink Baby Crib Bedding Set Quantity limited Pieces for 3 shop Girls Flowers

VIVILINEN Pink Baby Crib Bedding Set for Girls 3 Pieces Flowers


VIVILINEN Pink Baby Crib Bedding Set for Girls 3 Pieces Flowers

Product Description

pink butterflies flower baby crib bedding set for baby girl

The Pink 3 Piece crib bedding set is made of Cotton and Polyester, soft to touch, and meanwhile breathable and comfortable. Ideal for use on baby soft skin, promoting a deep, comfortable sleep for your baby.

baby crib set 3 Piece with quilt

Product Information

  • Material: Cotton amp; Polyester, soft to touch, breathable, soft and comfortable.
  • Design: This 3 Pieces pink crib bedding for baby girls with pink cheerful butterflies, flower, ladybugs and birds.
  • Ideal for baby soft skin, comfortable sleep.
  • Care: Machine washable, tumble dry low.
  • Available for: All standard crib (perimeter below 420cm/165.35 inches).
baby crib set 3 Piece with quilt

3 Piece crib bedding set for baby girl

Baby girl baby shower gift

pink flowers baby toddler nursery bedding set

Baby shower gift for baby girl or boy
blue cars crib bedding set for baby boy

Package Includes ( 3 Pieces Baby Crib Bedding Set ):

  • 1 x comforter: 33 x 42 inch (84 X 107CM)
  • 1 x fitted sheet: 50 x 27 + 8 inch (130X 70 + 20CM)
  • 1 x bed skirt: 50 x 27 + 9.8 inch (130 X 70 + 25CM)

VIVILINEN Pink Baby Crib Bedding Set for Girls 3 Pieces Flowers

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