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Womens Finally popular brand Roller Skates Classic High-top Outdoor Girls Adult Fo for Max 62% OFF

Womens Roller Skates Classic High-top for Girls Adult Outdoor Fo


Womens Roller Skates Classic High-top for Girls Adult Outdoor Fo

Product description

Material :Rubber , PU Leather
Weight: 2800G

When choosing a size, please measure your foot length first.
Our Size---Heel To Toe(cm)---US Size
36--- 23 ---US?5.5
37 ---23.5 ---US: 6
38 ---24---US: 7
39 ---24.5 ---US: 7.5
40 ---25 ---US: 8.5
41--- 25.5 ---US: 9
42 ---26 ---US: 9.5
43 ---26.5 ---US: 10
44 ---27 ---US: 11
This is a women's size. If it is used by men, please refer to the length of the feet to choose the size.

Packing: 1 Pairs x Roller Skates
These roller skates use controllable high-top shoes to ensure optimal safety, and high-quality shoelaces provide maximum protection to ensure comfortable and safe feet.
The perfect fit and a high degree of comfort can make your feet feel comfortable during use.
There is a support column in the front, which is very suitable for beginners.
It can better maintain control and brake quickly. This structure ensures that the support will not be damaged.

Roller skates are equipped with sturdy four-wheel skates, made of durable and molded materials, which can provide safe and reliable skating performance.
The shiny wheels make you more cool in the skating.

The roller skates in extremely vibrant colors are the perfect gifts for children,girls, girlfriends or family members.It is also ideal for indoor ice skating and outdoor skating.

1. Manual measuring, please allow 1 ~ 3cm error.
2. Due to the different monitors, the color of the picture and the actual product may have a little difference.

Womens Roller Skates Classic High-top for Girls Adult Outdoor Fo

Lacoste Women's Court Drive SFA Sneaker

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